Company Profile
Company Profile

NEWBUSI provides the best choice of non-woven materials for baby diapers,adult diapers and women's sanitary napkins. 
Advanced equipment and technology is the guarantee of quality products. 
We use SMMS composite nonwoven production line with a width of 2400mm. 

The line adopts Kasen technology from Japan and is equipped with advanced online post-processing equipment to produce 
SSS and SMMS nonwovens with thinner monofilament and soft cloth cover, weighing 11-50g.

SSS  non-woven fabric produced by multi-layer composite equipment and advanced processing technology. 
It has advanced networking performance, hydrophilicity and good softness, which is very suitable for sanitary materials.

Leg cuff, Top sheet, Back sheet, Ear Part, Dust Layer, Core cover, Napkin pouch ( Individual wrap).
* Multi-layer low gram weight
* Low gram weight and high tensile strength
* Excellent uniformity
* Good soft touch and draping effect
SMMS spunbond nonwoven fabric has excellent three-resistance(water resistance, alcohol resistance, antibacterial) performance.
It can safely protect users from bacteria and pollutants. The SMMs processed by waterproof treatment and antistatic treatment 
also have strong air permeability and are safe and comfortable to use.
* Multi-layer low gram weight
* Good uniformity and appearance
* Superior performance (water resistant, antibacterial)
* Prevent bacteria, non-toxic and corrosion resistant
* Excellent soft touch
* Excellent breathability

Nowadys, more and more SMEs join our supply chain, sharing the most competitive prices and professional services.
In order to provide better service to customers, we have reached a strategic partnership with many companies in depth.
Base on these advantages, we support our customers with "One Stop" sevrice. As our slogan says,
“Let All the Raw Materials of Non-Woven Fabrics Buy One-Stop”.

(Hot Air Nonwoven equipment imported from Taiwan)

We can strictly control the quality, which is supported by our professional QC team.
We inspect the goods in production, after production in our own lab. 
We have complete record (all the data and shipping sample) on each order 
so that we can trace all the goods we offer and supply the best after-service.

We guarantee to take full responsibility for all products. It is “ZERO RISK” to cooperate with us.
We believe, a good supplier with very competitive price and professional service can help you 
gain a lot from the market, we are looking forward to build long-term cooperated relationship with you.