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Thailand's ANDPEX2019 ends, Chinese hygiene companies shine

updatetime:2019-06-14 14:26:35

Exhibition background

This exhibition is called 2019 Southeast Asia Nonwovens and Disposable Hygiene Products Exhibition. At present, the total production capacity of non-woven fabrics in Thailand and Southeast Asia is far from market demand, especially for spunlaced nonwovens. Thailand is the first-class economy in Southeast Asia and has became a consumer market for female hygiene products, baby diapers, baby wipes, and adult incontinence products. Most of the equipments and raw materials required for the nonwovens and disposable sanitary products industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia need to be imported from overseas. The market for nonwovens coils and products is huge and the business opportunities are unlimited. “The Belt and Road launched by China is heading for the world, and Asia has became the locomotive of world economic development. Following China's rapid development, emerging economies in Southeast Asia and surrounding areas are the next most promising market.

As a conference dedicated to the development of the nonwovens industry in Southeast Asia, international experts will share the latest technological achievements with the industry through a series of high-level speeches and group discussions, introducing professional and potential users to the stage of corporate characteristics and products. Around the cooperation and trade, during the exhibition, trade fairs, investment briefings, procurement docking and other investment activities will be held.

As a participant in this exhibition, NEWBUSI not only needs to promote our own products, but also gathers with its peers. Everyone can relax in the work, work and rest, and more importantly in a foreign country. Care for each other and draw closer to each other.

The exhibition is coming to an end. At this exhibition, Chinese companies shine, even if they are away. Before that, most of China's products and equipment have established a good reputation in the world, and the price/performance ratio of Chinese products is Recognized, the Chinese companies have been particularly successful at the show, and the companies have their own harvest.

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In the domestic Chinese hygiene products market, the competition is particularly fierce. Not only is there internal competition, but also the attack of foreign-funded enterprises, which has caused many small and medium-sized enterprises in China to struggle. Under such a background, many enterprises have begun to look at the Southeast Asian market to seek breakthroughs. Most of them are optimistic about the Southeast Asian market. Regardless of the outcome of the exhibition, most of the companies are worthwhile. Although the market in Southeast Asia can not be repaid with just one exhibition, Chinese companies have taken a step forward in exploring the Southeast Asian market. In the future, Chinese entrepreneurs will show their strengths in the Southeast Asian market. Let us wait and see.