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Supply disposable non wonen 3 ply face mask

updatetime:2020-03-07 14:20:22

With the global outbreak of Corona virus, the current foreign epidemic is in the early stages of outbreaks, the demand for masks has increased sharply, and masks in severe epidemic areas are out of stock. In the short term, the global mask shortage will continue. An industry insider pointed out that the contradiction between supply and demand of global masks has reached a critical point.

As we all know, masks made in China account for 50% of the world's total, and another 50% of the mask manufacturers' raw materials are most imported from China. At this critical moment, as the world ’s largest mask producer and exporter, the world may be waiting for China ’s production capacity to erupt to solve the “mask shortage” currently facing the world.

As a manufacture of hygiene industry, we have a responsibility to contribute to the health industry and the world. With China's epidemic under controlled, we are willing to provide mask resources and hope to provide masks to other countries where masks are scarce. Bellow are our disposable 3 PLY Non Woven Face Mask description.

Disposable non wonen 3 ply face mask is made of 3-layers,inside and outside layers are PP non woven,middle layer is high standard filter paper.

Advantages 1.Directly manufacturer, disposable non woven 3 ply face mask. 2.Capacity: 500,000pcs/day, 1*40HQ can be finished within 10-15 days; 3.Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic ,Comfortable, High breathability, fiberglass free, latex free.