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The Non Woven Development Status of China in 2020

updatetime:2020-11-16 13:38:52

The non woven industry starts relatively late in China,but develops very quickly.

It can be divided to 2 stages. The 1st stage is from 80s to the mid 90s,it’s in infancy and develops slowly,while the 2nd stage is from late 90s until now,it develops quickly,especially in Fujian,ZheJjiang,Guangdong,etc.Over years of hard working,part of these enterprises and products are competitive in the global market.

1. The Output of NW rises to 6 million tons

As the non woven industry develops quickly in China over these years,China has become the biggest manufacture and consume country worldwide. In 2018,the output reached to 5,930,000 tons,which covered 37.91% of the total output in the world,increased of 5.7% year-on year. Meanwhile,in 2019,output of designated size enterprise reached to 5,030,000 tons,increased of 9.9% year-on year.The output of China's non woven rechead to 6,210,000 tons in 2019.

2. Import Size Goes Down,Japan Is the Main Sorce of Import

In recent years,the export and import of non woven have been changing fluctuate.In 2019,the imports was 120,000 tons,which worthed 842,000,000 dollars. Due to the influence of coronavirus Covid-19,the imports went down to  674,000,000 dollars,which is 97,000 tons.

About the import region,Japan is the main source.The imports reached to 162,000,000 dollars from Jan-Jul,2020,which covered 23.97% of China's total imports.The 2nd top is US,it reached to 96,000,000 dollars,which covered 14.23%.The 3rd place is Taiwan,reached 68,000,000 dollars,which covered 10.13%.

3.Exports Increase Every Year,South Korea Is the Main Source

In recent years,the export and import of non woven have been changing fluctuate.In 2019,the emports was 1,050,000 tons,which worthed 3,110,000,000 dollars. And the imports went down to  2,405,000,000 dollars,which is 660,000 tons.

About the export region,in Jan-Jul 2020,it's relatively much.From the top 10 countries,South Korea covered 365,000,000 dollars(15.19%) to be top 1.The 2nd is Vietnam for 248,000,000 dollars(10.32%),and the 3rd place is Japan,which covered 210,000,000 dollars(8.72%).South Korea is the main country of exports.

4.Consume Power Increase Slowly

The demands appeared to be increased slowly from 2015-2019.Basing on the quantity in output and imports & exports,we calculate the demands,and find that the demands is about 5,288,600 tons in 2019,which increased 180,000 tons than 2018.

5.Price Level Recovered

In 2013-2017,the price level of non woven had been going down.It rised slighly from 2018,and reached to 24.76RMB/kg in 2020 under the pandemic.

Due to the restriction of slow expand speed of productyion line and long delivery time,the output of melt non woven rised slowly.After Feb 2020,as the demand of mask rised,price rised from ¥20,000/ton to ¥65,000/ton. While price went down as the pandemic under control and production capacity expand after May 2020.

6.The Application in Medical Field Covers the Biggest Part

The aplication varies according to the nonwoven production process.China's main application is for medical use,clean and wipes,packages,filteraion,life paper,and car decors. Medical use covers the biggest part of 41%. Besides,disposable non woven(like baby diaper,adult incontinence pad,feminine sanitary napkin,etc) is becoming the main push power in the industry.

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