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updatetime:2021-01-21 15:42:03

Newbusi company upgrades the NG4118 series non woven products.

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, NEWBUSI responded positively to the government's requirement  to increase the production of mask non-woven fabrics to meet the demand for epidemic.

At present, newbusi is committed to develop the whole industrial chain of polypropylene R&D, production, modification and product application. Newbusi can expand the upstream resources and extend the downstream market. In the next step, newbusi will continue to introduce some differentiated materials for the health and hygienic market, which are applied to the surface, bottom layer, edge and other parts of health products, and provide one-stop solutions for nonwovens of health products.


More soft and fluffy side by side two component spunbonded nonwovens

At present, China's sanitary products market competition is fierce, manufacturers are trying to break the problem of homogenization, hoping to find differentiated materials to meet the needs of consumers.

In 2017, newbusi designed and produced parallel two-component spunbonded nonwovens ng4115 series products. The juxtaposed bicomponent fiber presents curly spiral shape, which makes the material more fluffy, soft and breathable, and meets the demand for soft and comfortable sanitary products in the current market.

The parallel two-component spunbonded nonwovens were not recognized by the market because they were not mature and had not been used before. With the upgrading of materials and marketing, customers have generally accepted, and many international manufacturers of sanitary products are also concerned. Moreover, the cost of parallel bicomponent spunbonded nonwovens is lower than that of hot air nonwovens, which has great development potential.

In 2018, NG41 series began commercial production, and in 2020, it was upgraded in uniformity and hand feeling. "At present, most of the production technology of juxtaposed two-component nonwovens is still in the hands of foreign companies, and there is almost no domestic technology in this field," said Jimmy Zheng, sales manager of the company. Newbusi focuses on developing this kind of material to promote the localization of high-end materials and reduce the dependence on foreign suppliers. "

The parallel two-component nonwovens produced by newbusi company are mainly used in the bottom layer and waistline of sanitary products. In 2021, we will also pay attention to the improvement of the softness of nonwovens with surface layer and leakproof edge.

At present, the surface material of sanitary products is mainly hot-air nonwovens, which has the advantage of fluffy, but because it contains short fibers, it will have potential irritation to the skin. Ordinary spunbonded nonwovens use continuous filament, which has good strength and easy processing, but the fluffy softness is relatively poor. Juxtaposed two-component spunbonded nonwovens not only avoid the potential stimulation of hot air material staple, but also dry and soft to the skin, which will be more and more widely used in the surface. However, most of the surface materials are 3D embossed structure, and the performance of juxtaposed two-component nonwovens needs to be further optimized.   

The content of meltblown SMMs is 5% ~ 10%, which can meet the water repellent requirement. However, the content of meltblown material in traditional SMS is about 15%, and the proportion of meltblown material is small, which can make the nonwovens have better air permeability and softness.

From the development direction of the company's products, the first step is to quickly improve the product layout and continuously improve the performance of parallel two-component nonwovens. In addition, with the enhancement of consumers' environmental awareness, newbusi will focus on the research and development of biodegradable nonwovens to provide customers with environmentally friendly and comfortable material solutions.

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