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Adult incontinence market: new players and product forms are intensifying market competition

updatetime:2021-09-26 14:19:27

The market for adult incontinence products is growing rapidly. As the incidence of incontinence increases with age, the global aging population has become the main driving force for the growth of incontinence product manufacturers. At the same time, obesity, post-traumatic stress disorder, prostate surgery, childbirth, and other health conditions can also increase the incidence of urinary incontinence. All these demographic and health factors, coupled with increasing awareness and understanding of incontinence, expansion of product purchase channels, and diversification of product formats, further support the growth of this category.

Svetlana Uduslivaia, regional director of Euromonitor International's research in the Americas, said that the growth trend of the adult incontinence market remains positive, and all regions of the world see major opportunities in this field. "The aging trend clearly further promotes demand, but it also promotes innovation: innovation in the form of products for women and men," she said.
She added that, especially in developing regions, the increase in product variety, including affordable solutions, increased retail channels, and increased awareness and understanding of incontinence, continue to support the growth of the adult incontinence market in these regions.
Euromonitor expects this positive growth to continue in the next five years, and it is estimated that the retail sales of the adult incontinence market will reach US$14 billion by 2025.
Jamie Rosenberg, senior global analyst at Mintel, said that another important growth driver for the adult incontinence market is that the proportion of women who use menstrual products to deal with incontinence problems is declining year by year.
"We found that 38% of people used feminine care products to deal with incontinence in 2018. In 2019, this figure was 35%. As of November 2020, this number has dropped to 33%," he explained. "This proportion is still Very high, but it is a testament to the efforts of this category to reduce stigma."
Over the years, brands and manufacturers of adult incontinence products have not only actively communicated with consumers to educate them to use the right products to deal with incontinence problems, but also worked to reduce the stigma of incontinence.
Kimberly-Clark, which owns Poise and Depend brands, has been focusing on helping consumers maintain an active lifestyle through its own products. Kubica Guevara, Global Brand Director of Kimberly-Clark Adult and Feminine Care, said: “Raise awareness of incontinence and enable consumers to find solutions to help them live more confidently through dialogue.”

In general, our adult care brand is committed to helping to eliminate the stigma of incontinence products and break the barriers to dialogue," Guevara said, "Knowledge is a powerful tool, and we will continue to launch to help consumers better manage and Initiatives and plans to manage incontinence. "
NorthShore Care Supply is a direct-to-consumer brand of absorbent adult diapers and incontinence products. The brand has launched three panty-type incontinence products with a variety of colors and print designs to integrate adult diapers with fashion. The brand was founded Human and President Adam Greenberg said, “People of all ages have reported to us that if adult incontinence products are only white or a color similar to medical products, it will only increase their anxiety and depression about the need to use these products. For many people It’s very exciting to have adult diapers that are colorful, look interesting, and match their personality."
He added that consumers report that wearing colorful underwear-style products under clothing such as jeans or leggings gives them confidence to discuss their incontinence with their families and medical professionals in a more positive way, thereby reducing their incontinence. And the shame that arises.
In November 2020, NorthShore launched pink, blue and white for its best-selling MegaMax panty incontinence product. MegaMax can provide up to 12 hours of protection to help users deal with severe bladder incontinence or fecal incontinence.
Greenberg explained that products such as MegaMax fill the void left by other brands turning to thinner, more breathable products. "We have seen strong protests from people with severe incontinence problems who desperately need products that can provide protection around the clock or overnight. The MegaMax series includes features that many other brands abandoned many years ago and can provide up to 12 hours of protection. There is no risk of leakage, odor or sagging. MegaMax is especially popular with millennials who suffer from severe incontinence but want to live an active life without restrictions."
New and improved products
New entrants in the market are not the only ones launching innovative products. First Quality Products launched Incognito by Prevail, a three-in-one female pad series that applies multi-fluid technology to protect and support women with bladder leakage.
Studies have shown that it takes up to six years for women to discuss bladder changes with their doctors. Users of the Prevail brand can access the brand's "eNurse" 24/7 to obtain answers to questions in a private manner.
"Women's bodies undergo various changes between pregnancy and menopause," said Michele Mongillo, Global Clinical Director of First Quality. "The bladder may be affected by these changes, making women feel the increase in urine leakage. Our eNurse team Experienced and able to protect customer privacy, so as to help women through this period of change."
Incognito three-in-one cushion can prevent bladder leakage, menstrual leakage and daily excrement. They have a super absorbent core, which can lock moisture better than standard feminine sanitary napkins and remove odors at the same time. All Incognito products are 100% breathable, hypoallergenic and free of dyes and irritating ingredients.
The product line consists of 5 products: pads for daily wear, 3 types of ultra-thin pads for more active situations, and maternity pads for immediate postpartum use, which can also solve overnight needs.
Prevail Brand Manager Stephanie Bodle said: "Our goal is to combine the best core innovations to provide multi-fluid protection, while maximizing the user's freedom of movement by providing odor protection and comfort. All of this, and 24/ 7 Round-the-clock clinical support means providing women with the care they need to make them feel confident and ready."
In terms of reusability, the Swedish company Essity has launched a new series of water-absorbable washable panty incontinence products in its incontinence and feminine care products category, which can provide up to eight hours of invisible protection, providing users with more than disposable protection. Sustainable choice.
In Essity's incontinence product category, Tena Silhouette washable absorbent underwear is designed for women with mild incontinence who pay attention to fit. At the same time, in the feminine care category, Essity launched a series of underwear-style products called Libresse, Bodyform and Nana. These products have different styles and different types of lace.
"Essity has always been at the forefront of sustainable innovation and can quickly respond to the changing needs of consumers. Therefore, we are very excited about the recent innovation-the introduction of absorbent washable panty incontinence products. These products will be comfortable to wear. Take it to a new level and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development by providing our consumers with sustainable, reusable solutions." said Tuomas Yrjölä, President of Global Brands, Innovation and Sustainability, Essity. These products have been launched in Latin America and will continue to be launched in designated stores and online in other markets.
At the same time, Kimberly-Clark launched a new and improved Depend Silhouette Underwear female panty incontinence product and Depend Real Fit male panty incontinence product in the United States to better meet the unique needs of consumers.
Depend Silhouette products use advanced shaping technology to provide the smoothest and softest fabrics so far, with two color series (including "Classics" featuring black and pink, and lavender, berries and blue-green as the characteristics "Expressions"), the size range also includes from small to oversize. The brand has also improved the Depend Real Fit men's series. It also uses this softest and smoothest fabric, as well as two sizes and two colors (gray and black), small/medium and large/oversized.
We also see the growth potential of sustainable incontinence products in the future. The whole world is or will be moving in this direction. The biggest driving force is true innovation in products and materials. Fortunately, people are increasingly aware that everyone needs to minimize our environmental footprint. Women are also more aware than ever that what they wear is important. Over the years, people have seen this-non-toxic, body and earth-friendly products have become what the future needs. Over time, the same thing will happen in the field of adult incontinence.
Mintel's Rosenberg said that natural adult incontinence products have a very small foundation. Today, only a few brands of natural feminine hygiene products have expanded to pads for mild bladder leakage. "However, we believe that this trend will start to accelerate," he continued. "The population bubble of middle-aged women is increasing the demand for products that deal with bladder leakage. And more and more consumers can buy natural menstrual periods. Products, but found that the demand for natural incontinence products has not been met."