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Boost the dual carbon goal and explore green transformation

updatetime:2021-10-22 18:53:08

Recently, the China sanitary products industry development conference (formerly the "China sanitary products Entrepreneur Summit Forum") was successfully held in Xiamen International Convention Center Hotel, Fujian. Newbusi and 260 representatives from China's sanitary products industry attended the conference. The conference was hosted by China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the professional committee of household paper of China Paper Association, CO sponsored by HengAn, Vida, P & G, Kimberly, Moony, Guangdong Jingxing, jinhongye, Merries and other companies, and sponsored by Baoding Yusen, Xiamen Jianfa and other companies. Tmall provided support for the conference.

The development conference was presided over by Secretary General Zhang Yulan of the household paper professional committee, introduced by Deputy Secretary General Cao Baoping to the leaders and guests, and welcomed by general manager Sun Bo of China Paper Institute.

Zhang Jun, the second level inspector of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, was specially invited to interpret the authoritative policies, Professor Ding Li, an economics researcher of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, conducted macroeconomic analysis, Li Yusheng, the chief consultant of ogsm of Shanghai mindI Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., analyzed the marketing pain points for everyone, and tmall industry experts shared the latest tmall cotton soft towel The trend report of sanitary napkins and baby diapers, these simple and easy lectures provide important reference and basis for enterprises in the sanitary products industry to grasp the market trend and formulate future development strategies.

In response to the national call to help achieve the double carbon goal and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the sanitary products industry, the professional committee of household paper organized the vice chairman and member units to jointly prepare the report on the sustainable development of the sanitary products industry, and set the theme of the forum of this development conference as "green, low-carbon, helping the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the industry", Lead industry enterprises to explore sustainable upgrading strategies.

Jiao Yong, general manager of Shanghai Fengge nonwoven Co., Ltd., was specially invited to preside over the special forum in the afternoon. Well-known enterprises in the industry had a heated discussion on the two themes of "building a green and healthy industrial chain and digitization" and "intellectualization promoting carbon emission reduction". We believe that we should reasonably plan investment projects, reduce resource waste, and promote the long-term win-win development of enterprises at the upstream, downstream and front and rear ends of the industrial chain. Delegates also expressed the need to develop smart green technologies with high technology content and high productivity, reduce emissions or strive to achieve zero emissions and realize green transformation.

After the special forum, the launching and declaration ceremony of "double carbon target health products enterprises in action" was held. Director Cao Zhenlei and representatives of the vice chairman units and sponsors of the household paper professional committee came to the stage to launch the declaration ceremony. Representatives of leading enterprises in China's women's hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products and wipes took the oath and solemnly promised to "Actively implement the national dual carbon strategy, improve the energy structure, reduce carbon emissions and jointly promote the green and sustainable development of the industry in order to achieve the dual carbon goal".

Finally, Dr. Cao Zhenlei, director of the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, delivered a concluding speech. He said that the sanitary products industry is transforming to green and low-carbon, reduction is the guiding principle, energy conservation and consumption reduction is the eternal theme, materials are the great challenges that may be faced in the future, and degradability and renewable are the development direction. However, it is necessary to measure the carbon footprint of the whole life cycle of products, We should not emit more carbon dioxide because of the pursuit of degradability and renewability.

Digital transformation is the general trend. Enterprises should start with the most basic data and collect data in operation, operation, market analysis and other aspects. Sanitary products enterprises should consolidate their core business, do not expand blindly, strengthen cooperation, build core technologies, establish brands, seize the core market and cultivate carefully. Seize new opportunities in the new era and usher in higher quality development.

The sanitary products industry development conference was held at the crThe sanitary products industry development conference was held at the critical moment when the country vigorously promoted the double carbon goal and the industry urgently needed transformation and upgrading. It led the industry enterprises to jointly explore the puzzles encountered in development, explore the road of green and sustainable development, and pointed out the direction for the development of the industry. It is hoped that through this development conference, colleagues in the sanitary products industry can take positive action, make the concept of sustainable development run through all links of product production and the whole life cycle of products, continuously improve the corporate sense of social responsibility and environmental protection awareness, and jointly promote the green and sustainable development of China's sanitary products industry from high speed to high quality