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Pull-up pants market trend: Double hot air material wins high-end

updatetime:2021-11-26 16:38:29

The pull-up pants market has developed rapidly, and overall it has surpassed the sales volume of diapers, becoming the real category big brother. It has also changed from the original blue ocean to the current red ocean. A few years ago, as long as there are pull-ups, customers can be opened, whether it is a low-end three-piece type or a mid-to-high-end two-piece type. Now it is also caught in serious homogeneity and price competition.

So, how do brands break through the Red Sea? There are nothing more than two ways: first, price competition, to see who can supply the lowest cost; second,quality competition, high-quality, product innovation, and new buying tendency create higher product added value.

The price competition, compete for cost control, supply chain optimization and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. In the domestic market, there is no end of price competition. You think you have hit the lowest price, but tomorrow there will be another price that will come out at a lower price.

Product improvement is the path for the brand's lasting development. Relying on the continuous upgrading and progress of products and leading the trend of market development is the key to the brand's success.

The first wave of technical bonuses for pull-up pants was imported to domestically produced. After 2011, the previous pull-up pants were mainly imported without domestic equipments. Two domestic companies had introduced three-piece pull-up equipment, and the price of pull-ups dropped rapidly, and the cost-effectiveness had been greatly improved. It had played a very active and important role in the expansion of the sourcing market. At that time, these two companies also took the lead in introducing domestically-made pull-ups market distribution network channels and quickly set up. They quickly entered the No. 1 group in the diaper industry, which played a key role in promoting the rapid development of the company.

The second wave of technical upgrades for pull-ups was the rise of the two-piece type. It was aimed at the initial three-piece type to make a better and more fitting two-piece products. It was quickly accepted and recognized by consumers in the mid-to-high-end market. From 2016 to 2019, it’s the period of rapid development of two-piece pull-up pants. The products which took the lead in using the new two-piece product structure and quickly standed out from the market. For example: Luanshi, Jishi, Kaier Dele, and Miffy are all beneficiaries of market product changes at this stage.

The third wave of technical bonuses for Pull-ups pants should be the change in materials. Since most of the two-piece high-end equipment currently uses ultrasonic side bonding, due to the limitation of ultrasonic technology, the softer hot air non-woven material cannot be used on the outer waist.  Most of the waist material is spunbonded non-woven fabric, and the softness and bulkiness of the waist have a relatively large gap of the hot-air non-woven fabric.

The trend of global health and development is thinner and softer. At present, the category of diapers in Chinese market, double hot air (the surface layer non-woven and the bottom film non-woven are both hot air materials) have become the standard. Softer materials and better tactility are favored by consumers. In the same way, the hot air upgrade of pull-up pants is also imperative. Using soft hot air material for the outer waist to replace the traditional spunbond material is the general trend, and it is inevitable to conform to consumers' pursuit of softer.

At present, some mainstream mid-to-high-end brands in the market have successively launched their dual hot air products. And got very good market feedback. Among the representative products include the Huggies Penguin series and Captain Papa's Platinum Gentle series. The outer waist of the Huggies Penguin series is equipped with high-fluffy hot-air non-woven fabric. The product's softness and fluffy feel are currently the industry leader.

In addition to Huggies, BabyCare have also launched dual-hot air pull-up pants. A wave of double-hot air pull-up pants has been upgraded. I believe it will be coming soon. In the future, double hot-air pull-up pants are like double hot-air diapers, becoming a must-have for mid-to-high-end products.

#Newbusi hot air non-woven, developed for waist band, adopts fine-denier, bico and  skin-core composite fiber which with delicate hand feeling. The skin layer has a low melting point and is soft, while the core layer has a high melting point and high strength. It has a very soft feeingl and it’s especially suitable for hygiene materials.