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The Ringier’s 7th Nonwoven Innovation Technology Application Summit has been postponed to 2022 because of epidemic.

updatetime:2022-01-17 10:25:42

At the previous promotion  meeting, NEWBUSI introduced the NG4117 series of cotton-soft side-by-side Bi-component non-woven fabrics.

Cotton Soft NG41 series products have  micro-spiral structure. The products are fluffy, soft, breathable, and skin-friendly, they meet the needs of high-end development of sanitary products and it brings better comfort and safety experience to consumers.

The G.M manager of NEWBUSI--Mr,Jimmy Zheng introduced that, hygiene customers are increasing their demand level of materials, including soft touch, fluffy, breathable, skin-friendly, and safety (zero irritation, zero sensitization), which can be achieved by developing more advanced spunmelt materials to meet these needs.

The Bi-component non-woven fabric is fuctional fabric which is formed by melting composite spinning mesh and reinforced by a separate screw extruder.

 The biggest advantage of bi-component spunbond nonwoven technology is that different raw materials can be laminated together to produce products with different properties through different composite forms, including high uniformity, good softness, high strength and low elongation, etc.

 He introduced the different types of bicomponent spunmelt technology and their fiber characteristics and advantages, and shared the research and innovation work of NEWBUSI in the field of bicomponent spunmelt materials for sanitary use.

For example, NG41 series products have a micro-spiral structure, with unique raw material formula and  Refined unique side-by-side bi-component composite spinning technology, the products are fluffy, soft, breathable and skin-friendly, which can meet the needs of high-end development of sanitary products and bring consumers better comfort,convenient and safe experience.