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NEWBUSI launches a new generation of high loft soft nonwovens

updatetime:2022-02-25 10:19:02

NEWBUSI utilizes new polymer solutions for the production of soft, breathable nonwovens with high loft, excellent drape, and a range of touches from cotton to silky. This solution combines excellent uniformity, non-fuzzing, skin-friendly, tailored nonwovens with balanced properties for a wide range of premium hygiene products, including high-end baby diapers, pant diapers, feminine care products and adult incontinence products .


NEWBUSI's NG4118 non-woven fabric, which utilizes a new polymer and is processed by a two-component (BiCo) spunbond process;

Produces soft, breathable nonwovens with high loft, excellent drape, and a range of touches from cotton to silky;

Easy to use, it further enhances the comfort and skin-friendly feel of high-end baby diapers, feminine care products and adult incontinence products.

"NG4118 sets a new benchmark for high-loft soft nonwovens, meeting the growing global demand for innovative and differentiated soft nonwovens, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing new business opportunities to the entire industry value chain." NEWBUSI Manager JIMMY ZHENG said"

 Differentiated nonwovens, such as waistlines, backsheets and topsheets for baby diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence products, are produced with custom formulations tailored to customer needs.

 This non-woven fabric with a certain thickness can provide a three-dimensional soft feel, high bulkiness and good resilience, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of good drape, excellent uniformity, low fuzz, and uniform and stable cloth surface. Custom blended formulations can produce nonwovens with a variety of touches, such as cotton, silky or balanced touch, for different market needs.

Compared to other BiCo spunbond high loft solutions, the fabric thickness is increased by up to 15% and remains 80% thick after a period of time under pressure due to excellent resilience properties.

"Strengthen strategic collaboration and promote technological innovation. The next generation of high-loft soft nonwoven solutions is the best example."

JIMMY ZHENG said, "The solution brings a balance of excellent performance and can cost-effectively replace hot air carded nonwovens, enabling brands and converters to develop and innovate more new products and applications.