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Insight into the adult incontinence market and discover more growth points

updatetime:2022-04-19 15:19:07

Recently, Anerkang, an adult diaper brand under Hengan Group, and JD. In this dimension, combined with sales data and consumers, it deeply analyzes the new changes and development trends of the domestic diaper market as my country enters an aging society and the consumption concept continues to upgrade.
Industry Overview: Surge in Demand Creates Blue Ocean Market
According to the seventh national census data, my country's population aged 65 and above has reached more than 190 million, accounting for 13.50% of the national population. The "White Paper" report shows that in 2020, the number of disabled/semi-disabled elderly people over the age of 65 in China will reach more than 50 million, accounting for 28% of the elderly population. This figure may continue to rise in the future.
For this growing number of disabled/semi-disabled elderly people, they have urinary incontinence or leakage problems due to physical deterioration, chronic diseases, surgery, etc., and are very likely to be accompanied by limited physical mobility. , and even symptoms such as long-term bed rest, the demand for incontinence care products is large absorption, not easy to side leakage, long-term use, breathable and not stuffy, gentle on the skin and not easy to cause diaper rash, etc.

At the same time, the needs of people who leak urine and are temporarily unable to go to the toilet due to surgeries, menstruation, postpartum care or work reasons cannot be ignored, especially the medical workers who have been fighting on the front line due to the epidemic recently. constantly increasing.

In this regard, the "White Paper" quoted physicians as saying: Incontinence is not a problem unique to the elderly or critically ill groups. Urinary incontinence can occur in people of any age, even among young people who are generally considered to be far away from incontinence. In fact, there are many People are facing incontinence problem. In women, the incidence of urinary incontinence ranges from 23% to 45%, and the incidence of male urinary incontinence varies widely among studies, ranging from 1% to 39%.

It can be said that the use of adult diapers can not only provide professional leak-proof protection for the above-mentioned patients with different degrees of incontinence, but more importantly, it can enable people who are deeply troubled by urinary incontinence to regain confidence, reintegrate into society, and enjoy a normal and full of life. Vibrant life. And reduce the pressure of caregivers, no need to wash sheets and pants frequently, saving time, effort and worry.

In recent years, the state's policy support for long-term care has also been increasing. As early as 2016, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Guiding Opinions on Carrying out the Pilot Program of Long-term Care Insurance System", and selected 15 cities to carry out long-term care insurance pilot projects. Reimbursement for institutional care, home care, and home care expenses arising from disability due to old age, disease or disability, etc., also provides protection for the consumption of elderly-related nursing consumables.

The audience is huge and the country attaches great importance to it. It is under the joint catalysis of such many aspects that adult diapers have become a real "blue ocean market". In 2021, the growth rate of my country's adult incontinence products market represented by diapers will rank NO.1 among absorbent hygiene products, and the market for incontinence products is estimated to reach 14.8 billion in 2021. Despite this, the current penetration rate of adult incontinence products in my country is only 5%, which is not only far lower than the penetration rate of 80% in Japan, 68% in Western Europe, and 60% in the United States, and even less than half of the global average of 12%. It's huge.

At the same time, affected by the large shortage of nursing staff, the disabled elderly in my country generally purchase adult incontinence products through e-commerce online shopping and door-to-door delivery by couriers. Online product sales and user volume have promoted the rapid growth of the adult incontinence product market, which is a huge challenge for the market. Expansion and sinking played a big role in promoting.

At present, my country's adult incontinence products market is showing a phenomenon of polarization of consumption, with the share of mid-to-high-end products increasing rapidly, and the share of affordable products also rising slightly. Among them, online adult pull-up pants have the fastest growth rate, and adult diapers have the highest sales volume. The unit price of the product is significantly higher than that of other categories. The unit price of nursing pads was stable.

Brand pattern: independent brands achieve cornering overtaking

From the analysis of the market level, it is not difficult to see that the market potential of adult incontinence products in my country is huge, but it is still in the stage of market education. Taking adult diapers as an example, the significance of its existence is not only to solve the most basic problems, but also to liberate the living conditions of related groups such as the elderly. Therefore, the word-of-mouth building curve of most brands is expanding from the education at the functional level to a higher level. first-level emotional level

At the same time, the establishment and introduction of a large number of new brands, as well as the rich product lines of existing brands across categories, make my country's adult incontinence products market showing a booming trend.

According to the statistics of the "White Paper", at present, the main share of my country's adult incontinence products market is controlled by TOP3 brands such as Anerkang and Reliable, which occupy the top of the industry. This is a comprehensive reflection of the competitiveness of enterprises, and it also represents the structure of supply and demand. upgrade direction. At the same time, with the continuous enhancement of the research and development and design capabilities of top brand products and the continuous improvement of product quality, self-owned brand products with "Chinese characteristics" have become the first choice of mainstream consumers.

Compared with the development of baby diapers, domestic brands of adult diapers have entered the market earlier, have a high market share, and focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. The technology has been comparable to imported brands in recent years, and the basic functions of the product (water absorption, material, breathability) have been improved. , to better meet the needs of users. It is also based on such advantages that domestic brands have an obvious advantage in the share of various sub-categories of incontinence products, and gradually narrow the unit price gap with imported brands.

User Insights: Consumption Upgrades Witness Changes in Concepts
The progress of people's health concept is not only related to the national education level, but also highly related to the people's understanding of health, and the depth of Chinese residents' understanding of health is closely related to the process of improving the concept of healthy life.
Before, the use of incontinence products by consumers was still in the passive consumption stage, and they would only consider them when they had to use them, instead of actively paying attention
Today, with the improvement of consumers' pursuit of quality of life and the change of consumption concept, the main consumer groups and mainstream consumption concepts in the field of adult incontinence products in China are undergoing unprecedented changes.

According to the "White Paper", from the perspective of the number of users of incontinence products online on, the 30-34 age group accounts for the highest proportion of consumers. At the same time, the 40-50+ user group should not be underestimated. Second to the first and has a higher growth rate.
Not only that, under the dual effects of the aging wave and the increasing awareness of national health, the consumption power of white-haired people has increased rapidly. Especially with the continuous sinking of online consumption channels in the township consumption market, the elderly users of incontinence products, which are concentrated in the first- and second-tier cities and the white-haired people with high education degrees, are accelerating their penetration into the white-haired people with ordinary education.

At the same time, the "White Paper" pointed out that in terms of adult incontinence products, white-haired people have shown a strong growth potential in consumption power, their consumption habits have changed from conservative to open, and their consumption structure has changed from focusing on basic needs to focusing on entertainment, spirituality, and experience.
Specifically, it has not only abandoned the previous consumption habit of hoarding goods, but has changed to multi-frequency purchases, but also has a large number of active "fashionable white-haired" consumers who take the initiative to buy out of the consideration of traveling and exercising. Adult incontinence products are not only a new market opportunity, but also reflect the change in people's attitudes based on the improvement of health and quality of life.
According to the "White Paper"'s prediction on the consumer groups and consumption behaviors of the domestic adult incontinence product market in the future, the consumer groups of pregnant women and their families who have real needs, the children who buy for their elders, and the people who face the risk of incontinence and lose weight with drugs will become the future. A new growth point in the domestic adult incontinence product market.
Trend Outlook: Multi-dimensional upgrade to build a quality system
Based on reality, look to the future. While we are optimistic about the future development trend of the domestic adult incontinence product market, we must also clearly realize that adult incontinence products are a very persistent category, so we want to establish and consolidate the correctness of this category in the minds of consumers. Cognition, we must return to the pain points that need to be solved and continuously excavated in the design of the product itself, and strive to create a new design idea and quality system for 
adult incontinence products with updated technologies and concepts, further accelerate the pace of product innovation, and realize the transition from "useable" ” to “easy to use” and create a better user experience.
Trend 1: Fit to size
In-depth research and collection of Chinese people's age growth, living habits, and comfort appeals, and start the establishment and improvement of the national standard system for adult incontinence products.
Trend Two: Custom Tailoring
According to the scene and gender, relying on scientific and technological achievements such as ergonomics, create a more suitable and comfortable tailoring design.
Trend three: fabric care
Pay attention to health risks such as incontinence dermatitis, and avoid them from the aspects of antibacterial technology and skin softening design.
Trend 4: High-end quality
Pay attention to young women and other consumer groups, and create high-end incontinence products in line with the high-end wave generated by the improvement of life quality.
Trend 5: Intelligent assistance
Integrate intelligent technology into adult incontinence products to bring a more efficient and convenient user experience to demand groups.
Trend 6: Trendy Design Sense
From "easy to use" to "good-looking", focus on product appearance, color and design, highlight individuality, and achieve a high degree of integration of individuality, functionality and practicality.
Trend 7: Refusing to be embarrassed
Optimize product design to avoid sensitive words, adopt non-marking design, aroma and deodorization and other means to help users overcome obstacles.
Trend 8: Comprehensive care
creating a more comfortable privacy care experience for users.
Adult Diaper Industry Trend Insights White Paper", it is not difficult to find that compared with the baby care products and feminine hygiene products industries that have developed for many years and are approaching or reaching maturity, the domestic adult incontinence products industry is just now. Begin to enter the growth channel, and will grow into a high-growth track in the future. expansion under the trend of consumption upgrading and brand awareness improvement after consumer education, along with the improvement of the elderly care service system in my country and the successive introduction of welfare policies related to adult incontinence care, the future of my country's adult incontinence products agency channel The growth of personal demand will continue to accelerate, and domestic products represented by the Anerkang brand of Hengan Group are expected to continue to lead by virtue of products and  first-mover advantages.