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Pull-up pants market trend: double hot air wins high-end

updatetime:2022-06-24 10:16:27

Pull-up pants market trend:double hot air wins high-end

The pull up pants industry develop rapidly. Its sales volume has surpassed open type diapers. Pull Up becomes a real big category. Its market runs into the red sea from the  blue sea. A few years ago, as long as there are Pull Up pants, whether it is low-end three-piece or high-end two-piece, you can develop customers and expand one expansive world. Now it is also midst serious homogenization and price competition.

So, how does the brand break through from the red sea? There are two ways: One is price downward, pursuing lowest cost; The other one is price upward, product upward, higher quality level, product innovation, new point to create higher product added value.

Product upward is the brand's long term developing way. Relying on the continuous upgrading of products, leading the trend of market development is the key to win the brand.


The first wave of technical dividend of the Pull up pants is from imported to domestic production after 2011. The previous pull up pants were mainly imported. There is no domestic equipment.After two domestic enterprises brought in three-piece pull-up pants equipment, the price of the product fell rapidly and the cost performance was greatly improved. That played a very positive and important role For the expansion of the target market. At that time, because of bringing in equiment these two companies expanded pull up pants market distribution and network channels very quickly. Its market position rapidly entered the first group of diaper industry, which played a key role in promoting the rapid development of the company.

The second wave of technical upgrade of the pull up pants is the rise of the two-piece, aiming at the initial three-piece, to make a better and more fitted two-piece product. It is rapidly accepted and recognized by consumers of the middle and high-end market. Two-piece pull up pants got rapid development during 2016 to 2019Pull up pants which use the new two-piece product structure firstly stand out from the market quicklySuch as Luprox, Giz, Cardelle and Miffy are all beneficiaries of this stage of product changes in the market.


The third wave of technology dividend of the pull up pant is the material revolution. Most two-piece high-end equipment used ultrasonic side glue currently, as a result of the limitation of ultrasonic technology, the softer hot air non-woven material can't use on the waist. Now most waist band material of middle/high end two-piece pull up pants in the market is spun-bonded non-woven. Softness and fluffy has a larger gap from hot air.


The trend of global hygiene and development is towards thinner and softer. At present, double hot air (Both topsheet and backsheet are hot air) has become the standard in the Chinese market category of diapers. Softer materials and better touch are favorite of consumers. Similarly, it is imperative to upgrade pull up pants to hot air. Instead of  traditional spunbond materual, using soft hot air material in outter waist band is an inevitable trend. it is an inevitable trend to conform consumers' pursuit of softness.

At present, some of the mainstream high-end brands in the market have successively launched their double hot air products and obtained very good market feedback. Huggies Penguin series and Daddy Captain Platinum&Soft series are representative product. Huggies penguin series use highly fluffy feeling hot air non-woven. Its softness, fluffy feeling is leading the industry. Daddy Captain Platinum&Soft series also use fine denier hot air non-woven fabric. It is not only soft, but also smooth to skin with excellent touch.

In addition to Huggies, Daddy Captain, BEABA, BabyCare, Dodie, Kidsone and some other brands have also launched or are preparing to launch double hot air pull up pants. Upgrades of double hot air pull pants has begun. Just like double hot air diapers, it is believed that double hot air pull pants will become a necessary accessory for middle and high-end products in the near future.


Newbusi have  FG2220 (1.5D fiber) ,FG5520 (1.2D fiber) ,FG8820(0.8-1.0D fiber) hot air hydrophobic non-woven with whiten ,softer features,application: diaper Backsheet and waistband.

And FBZ2238 two layer embossed non-woven 40GSM application in the baby diaper and  pull up diaper topsheet with more softer effect .