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New core technology

updatetime:2022-07-07 10:40:43


In Chinese diaper market, the composite core has been used for more than ten years, which has created many domestic brands and caused headaches for foreign brands for several years.However, the homogenous competition of domestic brands: a sea of red; disorderly low prices, bidding for recycled material production, WeChat business Web celebrity Tik Tok marketing (selling gimmicks, exaggerating functions and other extreme means of publicity), etc., make domestic brands very harmful; Especially after foreign brands have followed the research and use of composite cores in the past two or three years, domestic brands have made it worse.

In the past ten years, the composite core has been used, and its advantages and defects are fully reflected. However, due to the continuous natural disasters, the domestic environmental awareness has risen, and the pressure of degradation and plastic reduction has also followed. The epidemic continues, and the prices of oil and raw materials continue to rise. Therefore, in order to do a good job in products, brands, and marketing, domestic brands must have good and differentiated core absorption cores that are safe, improve environmental protection, and save costs.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different core structures

1. Composite core: a core composed of airlaid paper or spunlace non-woven, SAP, fluffy non-woven, hot-melt adhesive bonding, and U-shaped wrapping non-woven fabric.

Advantages: soft, thin, non-layered, no fuzz; soft and comfortable (feel before use).

Disadvantages: High SAP content (about 13 grams for domestic brands L size; Pampers Fresh, Black Gold, and Curious L size about 16 grams); poor diffusivity, low core usage rate; slow dripping after two or three times, High rate of urine leakage when used at night (especially in winter); high probability of red buttocks caused by water absorbent resin leaching (residue of acrylic acid monomer) (the skin will be sticky after infants and young children use diapers); After use, the diaper with composite core body has poor air permeability or even air permeability due to the gel shape of water absorption resin. 

2. Wood pulp core: wood pulp fiber and SAP mixed + tissue paper (non-woven) wrapping;

Advantages: good diffusivity; high utilization rate of core body; fast infiltration rate after multiple infiltration, low urine leakage rate, SAP dissolution is absorbed by fluff pulp, low probability of baby red buttocks.

Disadvantages: The product feels harder and thicker than the composite core, and the air permeability is average, and it is easy to agglomerate and break after use.

Status: There are not many composite cores for Japanese brand diapers. Dawang has a pull-up diaper----light feather gilt, and Mummybaby has a type that is very breathable core. Other series are wood pulp cores; Kao , Wang Zi Ni Piao series are all wood pulp cores; the diaper market in developed countries such as Europe and the United States also use wood pulp cores. In terms of quality, environmental protection, and cost, they have all the advantages, but is there a new breakthrough for domestic brands, which can reduce costs and have both advantages? Under the continuous rise of oil and the requirements of national environmental protection and plastic reduction.

The innovative combination of core design breaks through the newly developed multi-dimensional 3D three-dimensional new core(ZL2020 2 0137962.2,ZL202010068957.5):

Fluff pulp fiber and SAP mixed + fluffy non-woven and SAP mixed + ADL trough + fluff pulp + non-woven wrapping.

Performance advantages: soft, thin, breathable, fast infiltration, good diffusivity; high core usage rate (70% to 95%); appropriate reduction of sap content (about 10 grams for L size); on the basis of better performance, The advantages of cost and environmental protection are the major goals of our efforts to innovate. This one combines the advantages of composite core and fulff pulp core, and solves their defects and deficiencies while reducing the manufacturing cost, making the core better performance, more breathable and safer.

Efficiency advantage: The pulp defibration equipment is a patented machine independently developed (ZL201610076582.0), the defibration yield of wood pulp is over 95%, and the good fiber accounts for over 90%.

Cost advantage: 3D core not only has superior performance, but also the cost of raw materials is about 10% lower than that of composite core;

Future advantages: The multi-dimensional 3D core also has a great advantage. It can be produced online in the future. With proper transformation, it is very easy to directly form and produce on the diaper production line (on-line core production), and the line speed is 300 meters per minute.

The multi-dimensional 3D new core combines the characteristics of non-agglomeration of the composite core and upward diffusion of the wooden paddle core. Under the new national standard test and the human body model test, the performance parameters are better, and the core utilization rate is higher. The children's trials have been well received.

Subsequent planning

Achieving online production and transformation of new multi-dimensional 3D cores At present, domestic diaper equipment manufacturers are all developing cores (composite cores) for online production, but there are not many successful cases:

1. The tensile force of airlaid paper is not high, and the dust is large, and the failure rate is high when the material is disconnected;

2. The proportion of sap entering the fluffy non-woven fabric determines the product quality. Due to the high speed of online production, it is difficult for sap to enter the fluffy non-woven fabric;

3. For roll-type fluffy non-woven fabrics, the diameter of the roll should not be too large, and the number of meters should not be too long. It needs to be replaced in two or three minutes. The replacement is too frequent, which is not conducive to production; box-type fluffy non-woven fabrics need to be packaged and transported. Wait, one third or half of a box will lose its original bulk after being compressed, making it more difficult for polymers to enter.

Our company has mastered multiple rebound and thickening technologies of fluffy non-woven fabrics, which can make fluffy non-woven fabrics softer and have larger pores, making it easier for wood pulp fibers and sap to enter, mix, and tangle, it’s much better for the core’s structure, strength, conduction and absorption.