Raw materials

Fullf pulp

Product Description

Untreated virgin fluff pulp raw material for baby diaper

1.Production Description



Base weight:750-780gsm

Brand: Domtar,International Paper,Weyhaeuser

1.  Fluff pulp (also called comminution pulp or fluffy pulp) is a type of chemical pulp made from long fibre softwoods.

2.  Fluff pulps are used as raw material in the absorbent core of personal care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, air-laid absorbent towelling, or with super absorbents and/or synthetical fibres. More than 80% of the pulps are used in baby diapers.

3.  Our fluff pulp is a kraft fluff pulp that is bleached without elemental chlorine.

4.  It is a high quality cellulose fluff pulp exhibiting excellent absorbency,wicking and fluff pad integrity.

5. This enhanced untreated fluff pulp has been designed to fiberize with a low energy requirement while maintaining excellent fiberization quality.