Raw materials

Full automatic Baby Diaper Machine with High Efficiency

Product Description

1.Main Technical Parameter

  • Power supply: 380V  50HZ  3 ph
  • Installation capacity: 90KW
  • Designed production speed: 400 pcs/min
  • Stable production speed: 350 pcs/min
  • Product dimension:          
a). XL (510-520)×330mm  
b). L(470-480)×320mm
c). M(430-440)×320mm
d). S(380-390)×280mm (customized)

  • Waster percent: ≤2%(excluding caused by glue applicators failure)
  • Machine size: 20000×1500×2800 mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 2500kg

2.Functions and features

  1. The machine can produce four sizes (S.M.L.XL) baby products by changing cutting tools and gear box.
  2. High speed teeth-like crusher can take care treated and untreated pulp
  3. Adopt PLC control system.
  4. Safety protective door. 
  5. Semi-automatic splicing material without stopping the machine, so the working speed is guaranteed
  6. Automatically detect and reject defective products and trim remove.
  7. Automatically stop the machine when material is broken or used out.
  8. Human machine interface is controlled by touching screen
  9. Most electric components are famous international brand

 The machine is economic type machine, can make three sizes diapers

 The machine can produce fluff core I-shape or T-shape diapers which according to the customer's  samples. .The machine has top sheet non woven, back sheet PE film, frontal tape and side tape  devices.

 Both sides with leak proof cuffs.

 Material for stereo shield is cut and shaped by hot press on the equipment.

 It adheres to elastic ribbon to be formed for side leakage proof.

 After the side arcs are shaped, the wings will be tri-folded lengthwise. The diaper pads will be output in line and easy for packing.