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Full Automatic Disposable Adult Diaper Making Machine

Full Automatic Disposable Adult Diaper Making Machine
Product Description


1.Pulverizing System smash the raw oar at a time.

2.Material feeding and macromolecule dispensing device are controlled by independent variable frequency.

3.Cotton core spoke (or mould wheel)forming and grid embossing device.

4.The main materials are wound by the driving shaft of constant tension control. It is controlled automatically in production and does not need to shut down or reduce the speed to change the rolls. With the automatic deviation device, it picks out the defects automatically.

5.The main material adopts pneumatic feeding shaft and automatic deviation-correcting device.

6.Compact the product after compounding.

7.The machine is automatically controlled by PLC and the drive is control-led by variable frequency.

8.The operating desk is controlled by the touch screen.Man-machine conversation interface is designed in the operating terminal to realize figure digital control (setting of parameters ,production speed , shift output and trouble display).

9.Products arrangement output device.

10.Safety device is equipped in the operation panel.

11.Cuber is optional for customers.