Raw materials

Full Automatic Wet Tissue Machine

Product Description

Production flow: unwinding - longitudinal folding - wetting - cutting short-cross folding -piling & counting tissue -combining together - transmitting tissue to pack - outputting finished products 

  • Production speed: 750-850 pcs/min 
  • Production range: 5-30pcs/pack 
  • Suitable raw material: spunlace ,non-woven fabric 

  • Weight of raw material: 40-80gsm
  • Wet tissue unfolded size: (150~200)×(150~250)(mm,L×W) 
  • Wet tissue folded size: (75~100)×(45~80) (mm,L×W) 
  • Folding way:"z" or double "z" folding 
  • Wetting system : agitating water tank with agitators 
  • Water tank size: 800×800 (mm,Diameter×H) 400L 
  • Power supply :380V 50HZ 
  • Power : 18 KW 
  • Control system: PLC control system 
  • Weight of machine: 3000 KG 
  • Size of machine:8500×1100×1800 (mm,L×W×H) 
  • Counting way: auto-counting system 

  • Another function: placket unit,labeling unit,date printing unit
The machine equipped with nonstop automatic connecting raw material function