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panty liner

Product Description

Sanitary napkin is leveled by its absorbency, softness and comfort normally. As a professional sanitary napkin manufacturer we believe our customers should deserve more value other than the pad itself.
Anion sanitary napkin is not only a high quality pad, but also providing more heath care for women during periods.

1. Description 
1). Super non-woven or dry perforated film top-sheet available, touch like silk, feel soft and comfortable. 

2). With fine vents to prevent from flowing back and keeps the skin dry and comfortable. 

3). Side leakguards and wings prevent fluid from leakage. 

4). Airlaid paper wrap with S. A. P. Absorb fluid instantly and sufficiently, locks it away without leakage and flowing back. 

5). Breathable bottom sheet evacuate the hot and humid instantly, keep the iner-air refresh. 

7). Sizes available: 155-190mm